WoodTV – Mary Whiteford announces run for Gamrat’s seat

WoodTV – Mary Whiteford announces run for Gamrat’s seat


ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) — Mary Whiteford announced she will run for Allegan County’s 80th District seat, currently held by embattled Rep. Cindy Gamrat.

Whiteford made the announcement in a press release Tuesday morning stating that her campaign will be about “solutions not distractions.” She said she is prepared to run in the following election.

“My thoughts and prayers go to Cindy Gamrat and her family,” stated Whiteford. “Nonetheless, this district needs effective representation, now, and Cindy Gamrat can no longer provide that for the constituents.” Whiteford continued, “The developments over the past few weeks have made it clear that it will be very difficult for Cindy Gamrat to effectively serve Allegan County because the public trust has been broken. The people of the Allegan County’s 80th District deserve better. Whether it be next week or next year, Rep. Gamrat needs to be replaced by someone who can be an effective and credible voice for people of Allegan County now and into the future. For these reasons, I am announcing my candidacy for state Representative of the 80th District.”

State Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, freshman Republicans from Lapeer and Plainwell respectively, are accused of having an affair and using taxpayer-funded offices and staff to cover it up.

Courser and Gamrat’s affair and the alleged cover-up became public after The Detroit News obtained a recording of a conversation during which Courser asked an aide to send an email alleging the representative had sex with a male prostitute, which was not true. The goal of the lie, the recording seem to demonstrate, was to distract from or mitigate news of Courser and Gamrat’s affair.

Courser later said that he made up that lie in attempt to disrupt blackmailers who had told him in text messages to resign or the affair would be revealed.

Both representatives said they don’t have any intention to resign, despite suggestions to do so even from within their own party.

Gamrat won a heated primary in August 2014, beating out Whiteford and Steve Schulz.


From WoodTV:  http://woodtv.com/2015/08/18/mary-whiteford-announces-run-for-gamrats-seat/

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