“I believe in lower taxes, less government and more freedom.  I know that limited government, individual responsibility and economic freedom results in more jobs, more opportunities and hope for a brighter future.  I will support our Right to Life and will defend our Constitution and 2nd Amendment Rights.”

                                                                              ~ Mary Whiteford




Mary Whiteford’s experience as a small business owner, pediatric emergency nurse, volunteer in her children’s schools and community, and mother prepares her to represent the citizens of Allegan County in the Michigan House of Representatives. Mary is running for the Michigan House so she can fight for hard working taxpayers, build a healthy economy, and defend our values. Mary and her husband, Kevin, live in Casco Township.

Mary grew up in the Midwest, in the small town of Cary in northern Illinois. Her parents had a small house on three acres and she is the oldest of four children. Mary loved growing things in their large garden and caring for animals and children. Neither of her parents went to college and her dad didn’t complete high school, so they were so proud when she earned her nursing degree. Mary worked in a pediatric neurosurgery unit and then a pediatric emergency unit, and felt blessed for the opportunity to care for children and their families during very difficult times.

Mary and Kevin met in college and raised their three now-adult children. They started an accounting business in 1997 and now run their financial planning firm. Mary was an active volunteer in her children’s schools, ran homeowner associations, and was appointed to city committees. Mary is ready to use her energy, passion, and life experiences to help the people of Allegan County in the Michigan House of Representatives.