Building a Healthy Economy

Mary believes we have a moral obligation to build a healthy economy, so each person has the opportunity to use their skills to earn a living, care for their family, support their church and help their community. She will push for fiscal responsibility in our government, reducing the tax burden and simplifying regulations to encourage jobs.


Promoting Patient-Centered Health Care

As a nurse, health care is important to Mary. She believes Obamacare is the absolute wrong approach and, instead, will work toward more patient-centered solutions that will make health care more affordable for individuals and small businesses. Mary meets regularly with doctors, nurses, hospital and clinic administrators, and public policy experts, so she can be part of the solution.


Encouraging Educational Excellence

Mary believes parents know what is best for their children, not government. She understands we must prepare our children to enter a highly competitive workforce, and that requires empowering parents, teachers and school leaders, and directing more resources into the classroom.


Fixing Our Roads

Mary believes the voters of our state spoke loud and clear on May 5th, 2015.  The historic defeat of Proposal 1 showed that voters do not want their taxes increased and they want greater transparency in government.  Should this still be an issue after the election, Mary will work to re-prioritize our state spending so tax and fee increases are not part of the solution on fixing our roads.  Additionally, words are important.  Mary wants to make sure monies which are appropriated for roads actually go to “roads.”  Too often, language is used where it says monies will go to “transportation” or “per PA 51 formula.”  These are not guarantees monies go to the roads.  It only guarantees it makes it to local governments.  Voters spoke loud and clear and Mary is going to work to make sure our voices are heard.